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The Purpose of this project is to count the number of M&Ms in each package and observe several statistical data such as the sample mean, standard deviation, and graphical representation of data. The Collected Class Sample The sample mean of the total number of M&Ms is 58.69 and the standard deviation is 8.41. The sample mean of the blue M&Ms is 9.40 and the standard deviation is 2.74. The sample mean of the yellow M&Ms is 8.35 and the standard deviation is 2.56. All values are calculated by using Excel. The charts and graphs are shown in the Appendix A. The Single Sample The total number of M&Ms and the number of blue and yellow M&Ms from Chong’s package are 59, 10, and 10, respectively. The values are all in the standard deviation ranges therefore Chong’s M&Ms package is “usual.” Summary and Conclusion The sample mean of the total number of M&Ms is well represented in the Figure 1 of Appendix A. The Stem-and-Leaf Diagram shows that bin that contains sample mean has one of the longest leaves. The sample mean of Blue and Yellow also matched with their Stem-and-Leaf Diagram. The sample means for the total number of M&Ms and the Blue M&Ms are well represented in their histogram. However, a histogram of total number of Yellow M&Ms is not clear way to find out approximate sample mean. That histogram is well distributed from left to right. There isn’t a highest peak. Our group sample is “usual”, because the sample mean of our sample is very close to the sample mean for entire class, and it’s in the region of mean with standard deviation. In the data collection of the class, one outlier is plotted. It affected the sample mean of total number slightly. If there weren’t any outlier, the sample mean and the standard deviation would decrease. Personal Statement I learned that there was more of blue in the M&Ms package than I thought. I like

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