M&M Paper

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December 17, 2012 The main purpose of this project was the learn how to use StatCrunch and learning gradually the different ways to get different data. Through the course of this course, we put into practice the different methods learned in class with the M&M project. Gradually doing this project, we learned how to correct some mistakes along the way. The sampling method was used to identify how the Mars Company distributes each color into their bags of M&M. This gives us a perspective on how many colors of each M&M would be found in a single bag of M&M. This was mainly used the find proportion. The method used in part 3 is constructing confidence intervals. This is done with finding the mean of the total number of M&M with the 27 bags used and the total number per color. For this part, we used a 95% confidence interval, which would give us an accurate percentage of the proportions for the M&M. The method used for part 4 is finding that the proportions for each of the colors and finding that the significance level is valid. By doing this we find the Z-stat and the P-value. We use the total number of M&M is all 27 bags and uses the total number of M&M per color for all 27 bags. The method used for part 5 is finding that the data, up to this point, is accurate. We test this by using the total of M&M per color for all the bags as well as the total number of M&M for the 27 bags. The final part is quality control. If one of the parts of the project was off or rejected, then I would go back to all my data and find the error that caused the data to be rejected. This can be as simple as a decimal point being out of place or input data being
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