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M & m Project report Latonya croker Shauna Hewitt Mat300117va012 Dec 15, 2012 The purpose of this paper is to give you a written report of the five part M&M project. Part one was sampling. We had to purchase 3 bags of plan M&M with the same ounces and from 3 different stores. After during so we had to count the number of M&M for each color that come within that pack. Now when doing this to my amusement each 1.69oz was different in the number of each color. Everyone did have to list what amount of colors they had so that we all could look and compare the difference and each individual bag. My girls really enjoyed when this part was over so they could eat all of the M&Ms up. Part two we calculated the sample proportions and the number of candies per bag. For the color proportion part we used the information that everyone gave. I calculated , using the Excel, Stat Crunch that really help organize numbers for me and bring the part of founding my mean, or average number of candies per bag, and number of candies per 1.69oz bag. We also created a histogram for the number of candies per bag and summarized the total number of calculated proportions. The sample standard deviation was also calculated, as well as the median mode and other useful information. We also did another worksheet to summarize each founding for part two of the project. This showed the total number and calculated proportions (sample proportions) for each color, sample mean number of candies per bag, sample standard deviation of mean number of candies per bag and a written description of the histogram. Part Three of the project involved us dealing with Confidence interval for the proportions of each color. We had to do 95% Confidence Interval for the proportion of blue M&Ms. In this was so on with each color. This showed us the same population is sampled on numerous occasions and

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