M. Kelsey Case Study

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The city of Kelsey was in 1932 by M. Kelsey, who saw the fields, the lake, and hills as a provider of the perfect dynamics for raising a family and for farming the land. His dream was to preserve the land, promote a close-knit community with values, and respect for the community. The first settlers of the town lived entirely off the land and taught their children to garner the same respect for the land, which is seen in the organic gardens, orchards in the community today. (Apollo Group, 2012). The city of Kelsey proudly calls itself an all-American urban-suburban community. The population of 625,233 includes families of Caucasian, African American, and Asian American heritage. There is a mixture of male and female with the median age being 32 years old. The average household is 2.58 or round up to 3 in this community of 236,388 households (Apollo Group, 2012). Kelsey is an agriculturally based community whose workforce can mainly be found working at Kelsey Gardens, where they care for organically grown fruits and vegetables. The onsite restaurant operates during the growing season of spring and the harvest season of the summer months. It also prides itself on being earth-friendly and sells 100 % locally grown produce and meats (Apollo Group, 2012). In addition to the agriculture industry, Kelsey maintains a large present in the…show more content…
The principles for Homeowners and Community Leaders define life in a community as “More than a destination at the end of a day, a community is a place people want to call home and where they feel at home. This goal is best achieved when homeowners, non-owners residents and associated leaders recognize and accept their rights and responsibilities. This entails striking a reasonable balance between the preferences of individual homeowners and the best interest of the community as a whole” (Community Associations Institute,

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