M And M Of a Business Essay

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M&M FEATURES OF A BUSINESS Abstract When manufacturing a product and starting up a business always take into prespective the roles of management which are, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, these are strong structure blocks that are imperative in organizations. These steps in the management are the mangers responsibility to make sure it is being done accurately. The devotions of management are the essential roles and responsibility of every member of the management crew. Management can be defined as a process of working with means and people in an organization to accomplish a goal. The role of any manager is to develop their staff to be effective and efficient with a high level of productivity to ensure the stability of the organization. In order to succeed in business a clear understanding is needed. There are guidelines and processes that each manager must follow to ensure the success of the organization. Without proper management there will not be a success in the product that was manufactured. When you get a management position being a manager means there will be different responsibilities for example planning, organizing, leading and controlling these are the four of the main functions that are in any management position. A manager is placed to manage and balance the act of many different elements of the business a good manager will be able to keep employees driven. Planning of a business is to determine what the establishment’s goals are and what needs to be done to accomplish these goals. Always keeping the mentality from the vision and mission statement the company has set in place. Organizing contains organization of people and resources, such as knowing how many employees are needed to be working at for specific shifts. If employees do not have the resources to complete their jobs, organization has not occurred. Without a structured

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