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Simple Getaways, Inc. Request for Proposal (RFP) Executive Summary Simple Getaways, Inc. is a regional travel and tourism company headquartered in California. Simple Getaways specializes in travel to island destinations throughout the world, such as Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, the Seychelles, the Caymans, and many other exotic, tropical locations. Simple Getaways currently operates 12 offices across the western United States, stretching from Oregon to California and inland to New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. Simple Getaways is requesting proposals from qualified organizations to design and implement a system to streamline information flow, processing, and sharing, and to automate and digitize existing paper-based workflow between travel agents and management staff. Simple Getaways’ current system poses a number of challenges: • Multiple versions of documents are passed between office staff, resulting in outdated or incorrect information being used to make business decisions. • Each office stores its documents on a file server specific to that office, making it difficult to access information stored at another location. • Administrative tasks, such as approving sick leave or vacation requests, are all paper based, resulting in delays in processing. Because of these challenges, Simple Getaways is requesting proposals to design and implement a new information-processing system. Business Objectives Simple Getaways seeks to achieve the following goals with a new information-processing system: • Eliminate multiple versions of documents • Share information and documents across the 12 regional offices effectively • Digitize and automate the workflow associated with administrative tasks Overview of Current Environment Each of the 12 Simple Getaways regional offices operates its own Windows Server fileserver.

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