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Lysistrata. I find Greek culture to be the most interesting of all ancient cultures. Although Lysistrata is filled with references to the various Greek gods that the people worshiped, the Greeks are called the ancestors of western civilization, because they came up with the idea that humans can act on their own. Greeks culture were the first to separate science and religion. In my opinion, the story of Lysistrata definitely relates to our world today. Aristophanes deals with timeless problems in this story, such as men thinking that women are inferior to them and denying women equal social and economic rights. In the story Lysistrata, the women of Greece gathered to voice their opinions that they should be treated equally to men. The play was written during the Peloponesian war. Women were left at home alone because their husbands were fighting a war. The Greek women were tired of their husbands being gone and wanted the war to end before all of Greece was destroyed. The women of Greece planned to overtake Akropolis and initiated a plan to end the war by withholding sex from the men. The women were treated as if they were simply slaves for the men. Their duties were taking care of the house and the children. Like the metics, the women of Athens were not citizens and did not enjoy any of the privileges of citizenship. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the husband were their only jobs. Even in our culture today, these things are considered to be the woman’s duties. The Greek womens’ opinions did not matter to the men and were better left unsaid. Even today the opinion of a woman does not matter to some men. The men of this culture were dominant over the women and fought the wars, took care of the finances, and headed the government. All of the decisions for Greece and the people of Greece were made by the men. Women did,

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