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Lysandra's Poem Essay

  • Submitted by: livboone
  • on December 3, 2013
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Have you ever thought that joining a fun competition with your best friend could ruin

your future with them? I am sure most of us have not had that thought appear to us before. In the short story, “Lysandra’s Poem”, different types of conflicts show up such as: character vs. self and character vs. character. These conflicts are between Lysandra and Elaine; Lysandra’s jealousy towards Elaine; and Lysandra’s inability to forgive.
Lysandra goes through several stages once her bet friend beats her in a poetry contest that meant a lot to Lysandra. There things were ignoring, betrayal and holding a grudge. Firstly, the conflict vs. character (Lysandra and Elaine) is shown by Lysandra and Elaine not talking anymore once Elaine won the poetry contest. I know this because Elaine says, “Lysandra withdraws into a secret self and refused to speak to me” (70). Obviously, the conflict between Lysandra and Elaine is shown by Lysandra being so mad she withdraws on her dream to be to herself.
Lysandra also shows jealousy towards Elaine. She does this by stealing Elaine’s boyfriend. Elaine explains how Lysandra does this by saying, “As she and Brett moved off into the darkness the looked like one person. That’s how close they were.” (72). Lysandra’s jealousy hurts herself by losing a good friend and just trying to get revenge. The author is trying to say Lysandra is so jealous of Elaine, she wants to ruin what is most important to her.
Lysandra has an inability to forgive too. I know this because Lysandra still hates Elaine and now directs her famous, hateful poetry at her years later. Elaine proves this by saying, “The words claw out from the page like so many birds of prey. And all of them seem to be moving in my direction.” (73). Lysandra’s conflict with herself (inability to forgive and move forward) is a negative way in dealing with conflicts or treating your friends. I know this because Lysandra is holding a grudge on something that happened a while back that...

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