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Lyric Analysis for “Just a Moment” By: Nas and Quan Song Lyrics Rhyme Scheme Analysis/Paraphrase and poetic Devices explanation Can we please have a moment of silence a - A way of paying respect to someone or a group of people that may be have died or are in a very difficult situation. That's for my homies doing years in confinement a - Allusion; referring to friends and/or people of the same race who are serving years in jail for something they may have did. And for my soldiers who passed over, no longer living b - Members of a group or gang, that passed away and are no longer alive. That couldn't run whenever the reaper came to get em b - Personification; “reaper” is a slang word for gun, so he is referring to someone killing the group member with a gun . Can we please pour out some liquor c - An African American way of

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