Lyrical Essay

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I felt heavy, as if I was dragging my entire body to move every inch. The ground was shaking, as I was shrouded by darkness… I was groping trying to find that one instant when I apprehend my existence. The world is falling into a black hole. I have no shoes. I believe we have passed the plateau phase of the human population growth. When my eyes scanned everything around me, I felt an instantaneous strike of solitude through my spine. I was alone. The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man.- Thomas Malthus The immediate cause of the increase of population is the excess of the births above deaths; and the rate of increase, or the period of doubling, depends upon the proportion, which the excess of the births above the deaths bears to the population. -Thomas Malthus I was the result of the survival of the fittest, the product of natural selection. Epidemiology did not help in anyway when it came to viruses that can spread throughout an entire city in a matter of minutes. The antibiotics cause the bacteria to be evolve and be resistant to all the medicines available. Soon, the quarantine plans went wrong and the bacteria roamed the entire planet. Every population that is living in a community will have a maximum carrying capacity, and our community is the Earth. - IB Biology It wiped us clean. The whole world’s population reduced by half after the first year of widely spread diseases. Everyday, individuals would vanish from the streets. The road to finding humanity seemed endless now. It has never been more difficult to stumble upon another human being. As I wandered around the streets, dust and dirt came down as if a chef de cuisine was seasoning the biggest steak he has ever encountered. From time to time, I would notice sizable propagandas stating disease-free zones are just

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