Lyric Analysis of "Swimming Pools" by Kendrick Lamar

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English 101 28 September, 2012 Lyric Analysis of "Swimming Pools" by Kendrick Lamar Rap music has changed dramatically over the years. It went from a strong lyrical aspect expressing a tough childhood or life on the streets to a repetitive set of sentences repeated over again and in different ways. Today, we have rappers like Lil Wayne, Tyga, Drake, and etcetera, who copy each other's beats and change a couple words in the lyrics. An upcoming artist, Kendrick Lamar, has released a new song that when listened to, one can hear the meaning and the history behind the song. "Swimming Pools" is a dark and depressing song that sends the listener on a ride through Lamar's childhood, reasons for drinking, and becoming an alcoholic. The song starts with a dark aurora sound to set off its mood, Lamar starts his first verse with his childhood. "Now I grew up around people living their life in bottles, granddaddy had the golden flask", Lamar expressed in the first verse, can tell the listener that as a child he lived in a household consumed in alcohol. A "golden flask” is used when describing what an alcoholic carries. Lamar stated in an interview,"This song is about me reminiscing about my years a kid witnessing a housing that indulged adults in alcohol. So much alcohol that it could fill a swimming pool". Throughout the song, Lamar plays on the words "swimming pool" for instance in the next line he says, "Backstroke everyday in Chicago". This tells the listener that while growing up in Chicago, he felt like he was drowning in liquor because he could not escape it. As Lamar goes on, he begins to express how he began drinking himself when he was a teenager and the reasons for why he started. People who drink alcohol usually drink it for a few reasons. Kendrick points out, "Some people like the way it feels, some people wanna kill

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