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Lyndon B. Johnson's presidency was not a successful one when it came to foreign affairs. During his presidency he put America permanently into the war in Vietnam. He also handled the Six Day War poorly and allowed the Soviets to strengthen their forces in the Mediterranean. He would also handle our relations with or Latin American allies poorly. The cons of President Johnson's foreign policy relate with Vietnam, The Six Day War, and our relations with our Latin American Allies. These foreign affairs would help lead to Lyndon B. Johnson being one of the least favorite presidents of Americas History. The Vietnam War was one of the Backlashes in President Johnson’s career. Before Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, he had planned on the removal of the 1,000 of the 16,000 military advisors in place at Vietnam. Johnson though, reversed this plan and immediately started to send in troops to provide support to the South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians. He was a strong believer in the Domino Theory and also the Containment policy. Johnson used the Gulf of Tonkin incident to give him complete control over the military without Senate consent. By 1967-68 there were over 500,000 ground troops in Vietnam and more than 1,000 if them were dieing every month. The war was starting to anger Americans and they wanted out. Many men would burn their draft tickets in protest of the war. President Johnson would lose a lot of support from American citizens because of the war and he popularity would start to drop because of it. President Johnson also did poorly in the Six Day Conflict. We sent our 6th fleet to help protect Israel during the conflict in the Mediterranean. With the rapid advancement of the Israeli troops Syria thought they were going to be invaded next and the Soviets came to their aid and sent ships to the Mediterranean as well. Their destroyers

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