Lyndon B F Kennedy Timeline

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JFK: It was November 22, 1963. John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his Wife Jaclyn were riding down Elms street alongside their Presidential motorcade, with Senator Connelly and his wife riding along in the seat in front of them. President Kennedy waves to the crowd under the hot Texas sun and suddenly he feels a sharp piece of metal pierce his throat. As he clinches the area where he felt the pain, Jackie leans over and discovers what’s wrong. Senator Connelly also feels a similar pain but in is back not his throat. Seconds later a portion of the presidents heads explodes after a loud explosion is heard. Secret service rush to aid the president as his wife and the on-lookers duck for cover and hide for the fear of being shot just as the president was. This was the…show more content…
Thus Lyndon B. Johnson, the former vice president, is now named the president. Some feel LBJ ordered the hit on President Kennedy, others think it was the mob, and some Cuba but as Far as the Warren commission is concerned it was a random act of Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald, a former marine and big supporter of communist Russia and Cuba worked at the Texas book depository, where the fatal shots came from. The circle A indicates where his “nest” was. And the Circle B shows where he worked. This Picture appeared in the warren commission. It was the report that was filed in explaining the president’s death and the cause behind it. My documentary will explore some of the conspiracies of who killed him and also look into the motives they had. After the shots ring out the secret service reacts but it is too late. The president’s head was lying on his wife’s lap.This was the era of the cold war. The USSR and the US were at each other throats with the latest nuclear weapons and on the brink of war. The US had bombs station all over the world but the USSR did not take too kindly to this. Their way of retaliating was by putting their nukes in Cuba. This struck the US and the world with the fear of

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