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Lynas Rare Earth Refinery at Gebeng, Kuantan –Is It Necessary? Lately, the country is experiencing uproar of objection from the residents on the current issue about the rare earth refinery project at Gebeng, Kuantan by Lynas Corporation. Rare earth, which is an essential material in manufacturing of solar cells, hybrid gas-electric motors, and wind turbines, has met a leap in the demand in the international market. Malaysians, especially those live in Kuantan, is very concern about the effect of the project on the environment and their health. Lynas Corporation claims that the project is well managed and assures the safety of the residents. However, to what extent the project is “safe” for the people as defined by Lynas? Ever since the occurrence of Fukushima nuclear crisis, human is getting more sensitive on radioactive pollution. Lynas project, once again triggered the trauma of the people on the radioactive waste. Lynas project is an unnecessary project which is going to cause a great deal of environmental hazards, besides endangering the health of the surrounding residents, and also causing the rise of political issues. The most terrifying part of Lynas project is the environment harzard due to its waste product, which is able to destroy the environment, poisoning the underground water and causing severe pollution. First of all is the main waste product from the project called Thorium, a type of radioactive elements which is easily transported through air and water. It can be fatal when human ingested it through air and contaminated food. Based on figures, at least 106 tonnes of thorium and a small quantity of uranium will be produced by the refinery each year. And to make things worse, these radioactive wastes will be left behind permanently. Thorium is known to have a half-life of 14 billion years. In other words, it requires a time period of 14 billion

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