Lymph Nodes-Mononucleosis Essay

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Lymph nodes are any of the masses of tissue in the lymphatic vessels containing cells that become lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell made in the bone marrow and by the other organs of the lymph system. They are found along lymph vessels, generally kidney shaped and less than one inch in length. Lymph nodes contain large cells called macrophages, and engulf and destroy invaders. Also traveling through the arteries is fresh blood, which brings oxygen and other nutrients to all parts of the body, including your breasts. They’re distributed throughout the body. The Cervical lymph nodes are located in the head and neck. The Axillary lymph nodes are in the underarm area, divided into two types, superficial and deep lymph nodes. Supraclavicular lymph nodes are along the clavicle and collarbone. Femoral lymph nodes are in the upper thigh area along the femoral veins. Mesenteric lymph nodes are distributed in the lower abdomen. Mediastinal lymph nodes are located in the air sacs of lungs. And Inguinal lymph nodes are located in the groin area, these also may be superficial or deep lymph nodes. The major functions of lymph nodes are to remove foreign materials which are extracted from the lymph and deposited here. They store lymphocytes, type of white blood cell and releases them when necessary. There are two types of lymphocytes, T-cell and B-cell lymphocytes. T-cells destroy foreign substances directly or indirectly by releasing various substances. B-cells respond to infection by differentiating into plasma cells, which secrete certain antibodies to eliminate foreign substances. They filter and help activate the immune system. After the fluids are filtered they’re collected by the efferent vessels and emptied to the cardiovascular system. Lymph nodes are important in the immune system. They are also important to the lymphatic system. The lymphatic

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