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Lyme Disease is classified as a bacterial illness which means it is passed from animals to humans. The disease is caused by the bacterium called “borrelia” which is part of the “spirochete” bacteria family. A simple strain of Borrelia called B.burgdorferi is responsible for most Lyme Disease cases in America.(Kelly) The history behind Lyme Disease is that it was only discovered in 1975. A group of children from Lyme, Connecticut were diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Their concerned mothers made some researchers aware of their children’s disease. Researchers discovered the cause of the disease which was the bacterium spirochete found in ticks.( This bacterium is found in tick’s stomachs and they get the bacterium from their host, deer. Therefore Lyme disease is a vector-borne disease meaning it is transmitted from one host (deer) to the next (human). The part of the body that is infected is wherever the tick bit which is where the bacterium enters.(Kelly) Some early signs that you may have Lyme disease are that you will get a rash shaped like a bull’s eye called erythema migrans (EM) wherever the bite occured. This does not mean you have the disease but you should be tested. One may also experience flu-like symptoms, headaches, aches, slight fever, chills, malaise, and fatigue. Sometimes Lyme Disease is misdiagnosed as fibromyalga because they have the same sypmtoms of wide-spread body aches.(Kelly) Lyme disease is described in three stages. 1). Inflammation of skin where the bite occurred. 2). Diseases such as meningitis heart and nervous systems complications. 3). Lastly, motor, nerve and brain damage such as arthritis.( Lyme disease is not contagious by touching or through sexual activity. It can be be cured by antibiotics. Early stages can be cured by taking antibiotics by the mouth such as: doxycycline (Vibramycin). If

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