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Lying in today’s society is a common habit now. People lie to protect themselves or use it to keep them out of trouble. I think that lying is bad and it shouldn’t be use as often as it is. Lying should only be used when you have to protect yourself or another person for a good cause. For example, Immanuel Kant in his “ On a Suppose Right to Lie from Altruistic Motives” stated that lying can help a person survive but also can put them in jeopardy of being hurt. Lying is a moral choice between people, they don’t have to lie but they choose to even though in the long run they will end up hurting themselves. Sissela Bok said in her article “Lying” that people lie to protect others but I think its wrong to lie to someone about their current conditions. I think it’s wrong that government lies to the people to protect themselves from the wrong things they do. Although lying is bad, it can be used in good ways. In Immanuel Kant’s article, he said that lying would hurt someone in the long run. I don’t think that it is true. I think if you lie to protect a person’s life will help them, not affect them in the long run. I think that lying to protect someone is a good thing. If you are put into a situation to lie to protect your friend you would because you don’t want to have a guilty conscience if they get hurt. I think that Immanuel Kant is wrong because if you tell the truth and say that the friend is still in the house I think he will most likely get hurt because he will look for them. But then again I think that if you lie and say you don’t know where your friend is, I think that he will go look for his friend and he will get hurt. But you will know that you tried to protect your friend so lying to the murderer was a good thing. Overall, I think that lying can’t protect anyone in the long run. It will eventually come back and bite you in the back. I think that Jonathan

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