Lying Essay

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Anthony Gonzalez Richardson Composition I 1301-P08 06/21/2012 Why lying is good. Ever since, the invention of lying society has somehow become addicted, to this unrealistic truth that goes on to hide truth. Some People use it for good reasons some for bad reasons. Lying, a universal act that people from all over the world use almost everyday at least once. Gives you confidence; Getting away with a small lie can give the person lying a second chance or a new opportunity that might never come around along time leaving regret and sorrow. Lying can become addictive, leaving a great satisfaction of getting away with something invented that became true for a certain amount of time, and sometimes just staying a true lie that is never revealed. Comes naturally: It’s an instinct, more of a reflex to avoid being caught or exposed to an error you've made. Lying let's you avoid problems in so many different ways, in school, work, at home, in relationships and so many other daily activities. This has happened to almost anyone; being late to work, thinking about a believable lie to tell your boss the reason you are arriving so late to work, lying about your car running out of gas or someone crashing on the freeway making it impossible for you to get to work on time. So with this lie you have avoided getting fired, in the other hand, having told the truth might have gotten you suspended or unemployed. Success; Certain lies can make people very successful in life, opening doors and creating new paths for a brighter tomorrow. Having the opportunity to view the outcome thinking ahead what would happen when you compare both the truth and the lie. From this point of view you can already think ahead having a head start dodging problems making conclusions and deciding what option will give you a better outcome. More like a get-out-of-jail free pass from monopoly,

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