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BOARD OF VOCATIONAL NURSING & PSYCHIATRIC TECHNICIANS 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 205, Sacramento, CA 95833-2945 Phone (916) 263-7800 Fax (916) 263-7855 Web INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLICANTS FOR LICENSURE AS A LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSE Notice to Individuals (Civ. Code, Sec. 1798.17) -- ALL items of information requested in this application are mandatory. Failure to provide any of the requested information will result in the application being rejected as incomplete. The information requested will be used to determine qualifications for examination and/or registration under the Vocational Nursing Practice Act. The official responsible for information maintenance is the Executive Officer at the above noted address and telephone number. The information may be transferred to another governmental agency, such as a law enforcement agency, if necessary, for the agency to perform its duties. Individuals have the right to review the files or records maintained on them by our agency, unless the records are identified as confidential information and exempted by Section 1798.40 of the Civil Code. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY WHEN COMPLETING YOUR APPLICATION: STEP #1 APPLICATION FOR VOCATIONAL NURSE EXAMINATION AND LICENSURE–To apply for the Vocational Nurse examination and licensure you must submit the following: A. Application for Vocational Nurse Licensure (55A-1) – Complete and sign the Application for Vocational Nurse Licensure. B. Social Security Number* – Business and Professions Code Section 30 and Public Law 94-455 [(42 USCA(c) (2) (C))] authorize collection of your Social Security Number. Applications for licensure will not be processed until a valid U.S. Social Security Number is received. C. Photograph – In a sealed envelope, include one 2” X 2” front view, head and shoulders, photograph of yourself. Please sign your name on the back

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