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Visual Aid Script: These are PET scans of a person dealing with Alzheimer’s and another dealing with depression. As you can see in these pictures, that the amount of activity does change based on the situation. In some cases the activity level is rather low but raises well beyond the 10 percent range in other cases. If we only used 10 percent of our brain the activity level should remain below the 10 percent range. References The University of Akron (2014) Phineas Gage Information. Retrived from: Boyd, Robynne (2008) Do people only use 10 Percent of their brains? Retrieved from: The Ten-Percent Myth (2014) Retrieved from: The Mayo Clinic (2014b) PET Scan of the Brain for depression. Retrieved from: The Mayo Clinic (2014a) PET Scans of the brain for Alzheimer’s disease. Retrieved from: Krans, Brian (2009) Explaining and inducing savant skills: privileged access to lower level, less-processed information. Retrieved from: Krans, Brian (2012) PET Scan Retrieved from: Merwin, George (1863) Three Years in Chili. Retrieved from: Red Ice Creations (2013) The First Awakeness: Clive Wearing, Living Without Memory. Retrieved from: Alexander, Brian (2012) Myth, busted: You only use 10 percent of brain. Retrieved from:

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