Lung Capacity Experiment

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Conclusion The purpose of this experiment was to see if your age mattered in how much lung capacity you would have. By measuring the distance around the balloon we would identify who has more lung capacity. My hypothesis was that I thought the older or younger you are the less lung capacity you have. Example- a one year old can’t blow a balloon as well as a ten year old yet a ninety year old can’t blow ass well as a ten year old to. My hypothesis was incorrect because we did the results of the data and did three different age groups which were: five through ten years old, twelve through twenty years old, and from thirty - nine through forty - three years old. We then added all the numbers and divide by how many numbers there were ( average ). For the five through ten year old group we got an average of twenty- three, from twelve through twenty years old we got 30 as our average and for thirty- nine through forty three we got 31. Therefore the oldest group got the highest lung capacity. What I would of done differently was the experiment itself. The reason I would of done it differently because it would of shown the experiment in a different way. There was another way of measuring the lung capacity which was with a pan, straw, water, ruler, and a bottle. You would of filled the pan half way of water. Then fill the whole bottle of water , put the straw in the bottle and turn the bottle so the bottom is facing up and breath out in the straw so that the water will decrease. Then measure the amount of water in the bottle and do this for as many people as you would like. I learned that the older you are the more lung capacity you have. I also learned that when you have asthma you have less lung

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