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Lung Cancer: Body Paragraphs Name COM/156 Lung cancer is a form of cancer that forms in the lungs. This cancer usually starts forming in lining of the air passages. There are two types of lung cancer small cell and non-small cell lung cancer. The estimated cases of lung cancer are about 219,440 and estimated deaths are about 159,390 according to ("National cancer institute," 2008). There have been many studies by scientists to try and figure out what things around and the things we do in our lives that would cause cancer to develop. Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer deaths in men and women in the United States. Lung cancer can have several causes that cause it to grow. According to ("National cancer institute," 2008) doctors can not always explain why one person gets cancer and another does not. There are a number of causes for lung cancer two well known cause is air pollution and cigarette smoke. Although genetics plays an important factor in cancer development as well. Unlike smoking were we can choose to quit we can not choose our genes that we have inherited. Certain genes we inherit from our parents can make us a risk for developing certain cancers. Smoking can be prevented and so can air pollutions, but genetics we inherit can not. Prevention happens when we avoid the risk factors and increase the protective factors that we have control over to decrease our chances of getting or developing cancer according to ("National cancer institute," 2008) . Preventing risk factors can decrease a persons chances of getting cancer, but it will not keep a person from getting cancer. Some people with a high risk factor for getting cancer does not always get the disease. Although lung cancer is associated with particular risk factors many of these factors can be changed, but we can not avoid all the risk factors associated with it. Preventing

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