Lunchtime Dilemma Essay

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Danish 1 Sutton Danish Mr. Pease English 1010-110 21 September 2012 Lunchtime Dilemma? Many of us are faced with the same question around the same time every work or school day: where should I eat for lunch? You could choose a burger joint, your typical fast food place, but why not try something different? Sandwich shops are a great choice for lunchtime! Two of the most popular choices amongst sandwich shops are Subway and Jersey Mike’s, both of which offer their own type of quality, customer service, and financial experience. Although they are both in essence the same type of restaurant, they have very different quality. Subway makes sure everything is right on-hand. Their vast variety of bread is prebaked, and their meats and cheeses are precut. They also have small tubs of chunked beef and chicken for those people who choose to have one of their philly cheese sandwiches. For their hot sandwiches, they put their product right into a large oven in front of you. Jersey Mike’s on the other hand uses a method that is a bit more fresh. Even though Subway has a larger variety of veggies, Jersey Mike’s is constantly putting out fresh cut tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and other things. Their bread is always flaky and fresh, and their meats and cheeses are cut right in front of you and stored in their cooler that always seems to be at just the right Danish 2 temperature. The meats and cheeses for their hot sandwiches are prepared

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