Lunch Lady Essay

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Truly one of the most underrated American heroes and heroine in today’s day and age must be the Lunch Lady. For the bad reputation lunch ladies get, they sure help our the community gratuitously. Throughout an ordinary day, the lunch lady tackles many obstacles and protects the freedoms of students everywhere and weird tasting, untrustworthy foods all over. The lunch lady douses many evils. She slaves for hours upon hours to try and make the boxed up foods taste better and look presentable. She has intense box cutting skills to be able to open frozen foods and must have lightning speed fingers to microwave the food in record time. She must endure the long hours of wearing unsightly and uncomfortable hair nets; clearly a heroic attribute. To be a lunch lady, one must have a dying passion for reheated and reused foods. She has to work all day in a cafeteria with the aroma of tater tots and two day old spaghetti. She has a dying passion to serve kids foods that barely pass the FDA’s strict guidelines. She loves seeing the happy expressions on children’s faces fade as they see what she has conjured up for them. The lunch lady confronts the evils of making unhealthy foods and smashes the foods hopes and dreams of one day being tasteful. Only a select few have what it takes to be an everyday lunch lady. She makes sure the children that eat the frozen foods thank God every night for each well made, home cooked meal they have. She makes them pray that they don’t have to eat her lunch for every meal. She stimulates the economy by making sure children go and buy food and lunches from stores instead of in school; a job only a lunch lady can do. The lunch lady possesses many virtues in this world. She must think of child’s laughter and all their hopes and dreams and forget them! Only one, mentally tough and strenuous person can be a lunch lady. She must
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