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No. Just no. If someone tells you that they are going to give you something for free just say no. If it's a lunch that they say they will give you and you are hungry for lunch but don't want to pay for one, then go ahead and take it, but know that it is going to cost you something. Because, despite the desire to be freely given to, it is literally true, just as the saying claims, "there is no such thing as a free lunch". So eat away and enjoy it in the moment and don't be upset when it comes time to wash the dishes, for washing the dishes is the Price you will have to pay for your "free lunch". This is true of essay papers too. You may want to follow that link that states "free school essays downloaded here!" but you will have to weigh the cost of accessing that so called "free essay" that was promised to you if had only clicked the link. In this case, the cost is the time it takes to write an essay that is the requested admission cost to the website where the treasures abound. This is all for the sake of paying bills, something we all have to do. So, you decide, pay YOUR bills and do your own research and essay writing OR sign up to a site that gives you access to any essay you will ever need for school assignments and pay sometime else's bills for them. In other words, no. Just

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