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Alexander Drohobycky Mr. Igel ENG4U1 November 9th, 2014 Lullabies for Little Criminals Review: Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate Milk? “Lullabies for Little Criminals” is novel which shows us that not every story about a young girl involves happiness, princesses and a talking snowman. Instead, the life that thirteen year-old Baby lives in, involves prostitution, heroin addicts, and abusive pimps. Baby lives in the slums of Quebec with her heroin-addicted father named Jules. She is constantly moved from run-down Montreal Apartments, foster homes and even spends a month in a youth detention centre for hanging out with a pimp. The story, written by Heather O’Neill actually mirrors her childhood, in which she spent her days hanging out with deviants in her neighbourhood which included a pimp. “Lullabies for Little” Criminals offers alluring characters, a brilliant plot and a fantastic writing style through Baby’s eyes. O’Neill also explores excellent thematic issues within the story. In short, this story is a must read for anyone interested in spicing up their reading life with a story like no other. The characters of “Lullabies for Little” Criminals get a well-deserved applause for being truly dynamic,…show more content…
One of the main themes that this novel explores is loss of innocence which is a clear theme throughout the book. At the beginning of the book, Baby seems to have at least some innocence. She still carries a doll around with her, which is a main symbol of her innocence. She still hasn’t had sex, or done drugs either. Although she lives in a dangerous world, Baby seems to be doing alright. As time progresses however, she starts to experience these negative things more and more often. When Jules snaps at Baby and destroys her doll, she has totally lost her innocence. Following the breaking of the doll, she tries drugs for the first time, has sex which shows that the doll was her final

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