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Luke Bubb For my studio arts assignment, on comparing varied artists from different periods and from different styles I had to choose two different people to write about. They were Luke Bubb, an up and coming photographer on the world scene who was born in Cape Town South Africa but moved to New Zealand in his early teens, and Max Dupain a well known and very famous photographer from the first half of this century who inspired many Australian and international people to become photographers. Max Dupain was born 22nd April 1911, after a fairly normal young childhood he suddenly met the camera at the age of 13 and became enthralled with the mechanics of such a device, it was not however until 4 years later that he later joined the Photographic…show more content…
When he had spent the remainder of his teenage years in New Zealand he moved to Sydney, Australia to try and get some money so he could start up a business in the photographic industry . Renting a flat in the centre of town he has lived in Sydney for the last 4 years. He first got into photography at the age of 16 and loved the way you could capture life for a split second and it was kept forever. He entered many competitions in his younger years and was noted by many people for having “natural ability” at taking extremely well placed and shot photographs especially of nature. As he grew up he had never had a direct photography influence, everything he learnt had been self taught and doing so meant he had no specific rules to follow or guide…show more content…
The medium used was a black and white camera which was able to take the photo at a low anlge. The Subject Matter of the photo is clearly of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as that fills most of the image. It was also done in a dark room as that was all photographers could access in those times and Dupain would need to have access to his own chemicals. Dupain claims to have been inspired to photo this by the almost worldwide knowledge of the bridge. He wanted to take a photo of something that would last forever and he

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