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Luis Cardenas Having deep family roots and many friends, Luis Cardenas comes from the largest city in the state baring his B.A. and a teaching credential. About nine years ago when he was a sophomore in high school Luis automatically knew teaching was his dream job after his wonderful experience teaching crafts to 10-year-old boys. Having the sensation of being a slave as a paralegal in a large law firm for half a year, and another half a year as a junior executive has only made him realize his desire to become a teacher. Luis’ student-teaching experience came as a realization to him not only in a positive way but in a negative way as well. Now that he finished his degree and credential work he least expected to be presented with a full-time teaching position in his hometown starting at $29,000 a year. As he least expected to allow his friend to talk him into a management trainee position at Sunset National it was another surprise to find that the large bank chose him 15 other candidates. This opportunity would give him a slightly better pay starting at $38,000 a year. In addition to his pay at the bank when he’s promoted to loan officer he would be receiving an additional $3,000 raise. Being stuck in a position where teaching is Luis’ dream job and has wanted this since a sophomore in HS, and being given the opportunity of becoming a banker with many recommendations can be very strenuous to choose from. Luis should make other arrangements and try out banking not only because of the sufficient amount of money he’d be receiving, but also because this may offer him many more opportunities over time. Both teaching and banking offer different salaries and benefits. Teacher’s salaries have a starting rate of about $29,000 a year, but as teachers build up a longer stay with their teaching position their salary starts going up slowly. The downside to this is that their

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