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Two Pieces of the Puzzle The two pieces I have chosen to compare are Ludwig Van Beethoven’s symphony no.5 in B major in C Minor, op. 67, and Leonard Bernstein’s piece Tonight from West Side story. The performer that I listened to for my first pick was done by Eugen Jochum and Symphonie orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, in my second piece I had chosen to listen to it by Marni Nixon replacing all of Natalie Wood's vocal. Jim Bryant sings for Richard Beymer. I chose these two pieces because I find them relaxing, and I also have Beethoven’s symphony on my I-pod so since I was kind of familiar with this piece I thought it would be a good idea to write about it. For the second piece it has heart to it, and I find it very interesting. In Beethoven’s symphony the 6 elements I have found are: 1) Rhythm 2) Dynamics 3) Timbre 4) Form 5) Texture and last but not least 6) Genre. In Beethoven’s symphony Beethoven referred to the meaning of this symphony as “Thus Fate pounds at the portal. For the elements 1) Rhythm the symphony opens up with a distinctive but deceptively simple theme. This theme consists of 4 notes and two different pitches. For the second element Dynamics the music in this piece repeatedly moves without warning from extremely loud to extremely soft and vice versa. At the beginning of his symphony there is a contrast established. The loud unison is immediately followed by a soft subtle passage. In the 3rd element Timbre the contrast in the dynamics grows and in between the end of the third movements and the beginning of the finale is reinforced by the addition of all the new instruments,. The piccolo and contra-bassoon enlighten the upper and lower ranges of this piece. As well as the trombones help create that even fuller sound in the middle ranges. In Beethoven’s 4th element Form it is a cyclic form. This is when the individual movements of a work are

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