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Luda Essay

  • Submitted by: sweggy
  • on December 2, 2013
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Reality Television versus Life
When adults look at teenagers normally they all say about the same thing. “Teenagers only want to party, they all stay in and out of trouble and don’t care about anything but themselves.” Depending on which particular teenager you may be speaking about this may be true; however normally it is stereotypical. When people see teenagers on television, they get the idea that all teenagers act in that specific way but it is false. Teens on T.V. act in those certain roles for money, publicity, and they are following the producers orders. Teens on the screen are very different from offscreen.
Although the majority of statements and examples that adults say about teenagers are false, there happens to be a handful of similarities. One of the similarities that teenagers on screen have with the teenagers off screen is that they both enjoy partying. With some teenagers alcohol becomes their best friend and there is no way that they can wait until their twenty-first birthday. Another similarity is that regardless of what any teenager says, there is always going to be some sort of drama. Whether it is between two girls, two guys, or a girl and a guy there is going to be some sort of drama between someone. Teenagers always strive to be the best of the best, whether it is popularity wise, in athletics, or even intelligence. Everything is some sort of competition and everyone does their best to be at the top.
In contrast with the few similarities that there are between a teenager viewed on a television show and a teenager viewed in real is that on television obviously almost everything is scripted in one way or another. The teenagers are put in positions to make money, have publicity and they have to make the producers happy to have them a part of their cast. If the producers aren’t happy then there isn’t going to be a show. Following everything being scripted comes the fact that the teenagers all have to have some sort of...

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