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Lucy Valdez 1 Per. I think having a freeway from Alhambra City to Pasadena City is a bad idea. I don’t think it’s right for people to loose their homes because of a freeway. I think another alternative way is a tunnel. That way homes wouldn’t be destroyed or places. There are so many disadvantages as a South Pasadena Resident, for example lose of homes. So many people can loose their homes because of the freeway and because they use up a lot of space from the pool to sustain it. They would have to move away from the home they love and maybe have to move far. Also the children that live there would have to leave their school or the school might be the one to end up being closed down. It can ruin the children’s education. It can also ruin the economy because businesses might be closed down as well. People can not only loose their homes but their jobs as well. The economy would get worse then it already is. Some advantages as a non South Pasadena Resident is good because people can travel to places faster. Also because they wouldn’t have to stop for traffic lights or stop signs. With less streets they wouldn’t get to places as late as before because of the freeway. They wouldn’t care anymore about leaving in a certain time because of the traffic. They would know the freeway is there. There might be advantages to non Residents of South Pasadena, but would you like to loose your home because of a freeway? I don’t think you would want to. And if it was to happen to you, then you’ll know how Residents for South Pasadena fell. It isn’t right or fair from other people to loose their homes because of the 710 freeway. It’s better to built a tunnel then a

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