Lucy Terry Prince

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An African American That Has Made a Difference in Our Society Lucy Terry Prince Lucy Terry Prince was the first published black poet in America. Lucy is known as the first author composed by a women. She was also born in Africa. She was taken from her family and brought to the U.S. There, she became a servant to Ebenezer Wells. Blacks were not allowed to be baptized in the 1700s. Despite the fact, Ebenezer Wells allowed Lucy to be baptized. In 1746, Lucy witnessed the Indian Massacre at the age of 16, which is now known as the “bars fight”. Despite her young age, she later wrote two poetic versions of the battle. In 1756, she married Abijah Prince who was a former servant. When Abijah’s owner died, he left land to Abijah and freed him. Abijah ended up purchasing Lucy her freedom and then proceeded to marry her. Abijah and Lucy married in Deerfield where they had their six children. Their names were Tatnai, Cesar, Drucilla, Durexa, Abijah Jr. and Festus. They also lived in a small house which is now Deerfield Academy. By law, Lucy and her children should have remained slaves since the offspring of slaves follow the condition of the mother. Despite the fact, neither Lucy or her six children were ever slaves again. Lucy tended to be very popular with younger people because of her storytelling. Lots of people loved to hear her stories and original poems. Lucy also applied for a position at Williams College for her eldest son. She argued for 3 hours and gave a speech to the Trustees of Williams College. Though she was rejected on account of race, her speech was remembered for it’s eloquence and skill. Her son Cesar also fought in the revolutionary war. Lucy also won against the false land claims of Colonel Eli Bronson. Later, a white family who was neighbors of the Princes, threatened them. The Princes appealed to the governor and his council for

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