Lucy Grealy's Auto Biography Of A Face

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Lucy Grealy, the author of a memoir titled Auto Biography of a Face, underwent a surgery to remove cancer, which took one third of her jaw in the process. After the operation was complete, she realized that a “chasm” (58) had separated her from her family, along with others around her. In her struggle to bridge the chasm between her and her peers, Grealy tries different several methods and makes numerous decisions throughout her childhood that widen or reduce the gap and ultimately bring her to understand her place in the world. In her many efforts to close the hole she felt had appeared between her and her peers, Grealy used her strong powers of imagination to ease the pain she felt. Although just a child throughout the majority of the memoir, Grealy came to realize that if she pretended that she was beyond those who harass her, their taunts didn’t hurt as bad. For example, everyday through her high school career, boys walking the halls would call her names; when she ignored their comments, she could pull through and move along on her…show more content…
As she progresses from a child to a young adult entering college, she realizes that the world isn’t all about looks. To her surprise, “everyone was extraordinarily nice and even interested.” (192) For the most part, Grealy fails at bridging the chasm, but she is successful in handling her emotions. Although her family is left to live their own lives, she moves on and finds friends who accept her for what’s on the inside. After many years of treatment, numerous surgeries and mental rehabilitation, Grealy finds just what she’s looking for. Although Grealy doesn’t reach that higher level of truth, and is in my opinion unsuccessful at bringing herself to her family and peers, she finds friends who don’t care how about she looks, the supreme conclusion. Works Cited King Jr., Martin Luther. The Norton Reader. 11. New

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