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By: Hannah Boquet Have you ever made a ham and cheese sandwich before? Well if you haven’t, and even if you have, you’ll find that it is quite simple. Just follow the steps and bam! There’s a sandwich. It couldn’t be any easier. Another good thing is that it’s absolutely delicious. To make a ham and cheese sandwich you must gather the ingredients listed. A pack of ham, one slice of cheese, two slices of bread (Out of pack), a plate, and any condiments if necessary. After you gather these items you can start. First take the two slices of bread and lay them out separately. Then take then take the pack of ham and open it. Take at least two slices of ham and place them on the first slice of bread. If you would like any condiments, such as mayonnaise or mustard, now is the time to place it on the plain slice of bread evenly. After that take the slice of cheese out of its wrapper. Then just put the cheese on one of the slices of bread. Now put the two slices of bread, both with the part with the food on it facing inward, together. Now you have a ham and cheese sandwich and you can eat it. You can have this done in less than five minutes! So as you can see making a ham and cheese sandwich is really simple. As long as you follow the steps this will take you no time at all. Just don’t forget the most important thing of all… You must have all the ingredients! Out of the wrapper that is, or else you’ll be eating a lot of plastic.

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