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Lucy I come here today to speak to you about my dear friend, accomplice, and sometimes enemy – Lucy. Lucy was brutally murdered on the disastrously windy night of April 10, 2012. She was suffocated, and then chopped in half with one fail swoop. Lucy was a lot like me; she was caring during the warmer months, yet a bit quirky during the autumn season, and oh so troublesome during the long winters. She had opinions about everything, literally, and she wasn’t afraid to show it. Lucy wasn’t all-bad though, she was kind and chose to donate her “organs” when she passed. As a matter of fact, she’s soon to be in the hands of Locks of Love, and donated to a cancer patient. Lucy is, or was, my hair, if you haven’t already caught on. She was long, wavy, and almost beautiful, if I do say so myself. She comforted me on my bad days, resting gently on my shoulders, helping me drudge through the long day; she laid straight as a ruler on my good days, helping with my inner and outer confidence; and she forced me to pin her back on her tired days, helping my concentration. Lucy and myself have always been passionate about the Locks of Love organization, yet she more so than I. I was obsessed with my appearance, and could not bare the thought of letting go of what “made me attractive”, but she made me realize that no matter how long or short my hair was that I wouldn’t need hair to be appealing. Some days she would whisper in my ear, forcing me into the inevitable, taking the side of the enemy. I thought shortly, and abrupt, whispering back that she was taking the suicidal approach. I was successful in convincing her into waiting for a more appropriate time to be sent to Locks of Love, when she became ragged and split at every end. She either gave up the argument, or agreed with me. Either way, Lucy was not leaving my side, for a while at least. Towards the end of

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