Luck Is a Matter of Prepartion Meeting Opportunity

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The quote “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity” has been widely used and debated since Oprah Winfrey stamped it’s approval on March 19, 2010, in O Magazine. Merriam-Webster defines luck as, ‘producing or resulting in good by chance’. The same source defines opportunity as, ‘a favorable juncture or circumstances’. The key word that most people miss from the quote is preparation. Oprah wasn’t lucky to have such a successful career. She worked hard at being ready to take on the task of establishing a successful career. Oprah wanted to let the masses know that by preparing yourself for whatever may come your way, is the only option we have in receiving an opportunity to better our circumstances. It is definitely not a far-fetched notion that great things happen to ‘lucky’ people. Frankly, luck or being lucky is such a subjective word. Many years ago in my career, I received the opportunity to become a supervisor of a team that I worked diligently with for quite some time. Six weeks prior to my promotion, during a one on one with my then manager; I had inquired as to when I’d be promoted. The answer I was given was, “you still have at least a year before you’re ready”. I could have taken that and stopped pushing forward, but the very next day; she informed me that she would be leaving our group and if I could prove that I was prepared, I would be promoted in six weeks. Was I lucky to be in the right spot at the right time? I think not. By preparing myself over time, I was able to change my circumstances and be met with the opportunity to fulfill my desire of becoming supervisor. So, in conclusion; to think that I was lucky enough to receive the opportunity to work as a manager for the last seventeen years is preposterous, when in fact I have worked diligently to be prepared for every opportunity that has come my

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