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Lucas Cranach (1472 - 1553) Lexa Ale History Honors: Hars November 19, 2013 Life of Lucas Cranach Lucas Cranach, born as Lucas Sunder on October 4, 1472 in the town of Kronach in Northern Franconia, was known as one of the most famous Renaissance artists of his time. He was one of the four children to Hans Maler, the painter. His mother’s name, however, isn’t known, only her maiden name; Hubner, was able to be found. Like other famous painters, Lucas took the name of his hometown in place of his original last name. Lucas lived his long, inspiring life as not only a painter and printmaker, but an entrepreneur and politician as well. Therefore, making his time in the Renaissance thrilling and leaving him as one of the most significant artists of this time. Throughout his childhood years, Lucas’ father taught him the mechanics of painting, and showed him how to complete an education. However, in the early 1500s, he left his father’s workshop, travelled around, then, intensively, studied the works of graphic art. It isn’t known how Lucas was trained, but it’s believed to be by German masters. His name first appeared in the public eye in June 1504 when he drew 50 Euros for his half-year salary as “the duke’s painter.” He was then demanded to be his successors’ “servant” for the rest of his life, however, could work on artworks of his own. Early in his career, he was skilled in decorative painting, woodcuts, engravings, etc. As an artist, Lucas was known for his portraits of German princes and leaders who embraced his enthusiasm. He also painted religious subjects of Catholic religion. He developed techniques that allowed him to paint in sense of speed. From then on, he was painting mythological and religious paintings nonstop. Lucas Cranach died on October 16, 1553 in his daughter and son-in-law’s home. He was buried in Jacob’s Graveyard where his tombstone

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