Lu Or1 Module 2

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The Philanthropic Team-Builder 1. What type of team building best describes these volunteering activities? Team building refers to formal activities intended to improve the development and functioning of a work team. These volunteering activities are best described as a popular type of team building, which is aimed at improving relations among team members. Molson and Coors recently merged together. The first priority concern was how to smooth communications between employees from different companies to accomplish the same goals under a new organization structure. By participating in these activities, team members learned more about each other, built trust in each other, and developed ways to manage conflict within the team. The best example would be the team of executives from both companies. When the team members faced difficulty to unload a truck full of cement roof tiles, which were very heavy, they organized a bucket line to handle these heavy titles from one person to the next through their solid communications. Besides improving relations among team members, these volunteering activities also improved team’s problem-solving skills. During the process of these activities, team members also learned or developed new skills out of their specific fields or positions in the organization. 2. Explain how the corporate social responsibility element of volunteering contributes to team building? The corporate social responsibility element of volunteering contributes to team building by increased team cohesion and developed team trust. Corporations today are not only focusing on profit margins and revenue growth, they are also carrying out social responsibilities as part of their business strategy, and conveying the efforts to the market. These volunteering activities meet the interests of all team members involved, which increase great team

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