Ls312 Task 1

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Michael K. Skehan LS312: Ethics and the Legal Environment Unit Five: Assignment Corporate Responsibility 12/13/2011 Corporate Responsibility The stakeholders in this case would be Eddie, the General Manager, and the employees since it is a small company of about 75 people they all have an interest in the company. Brad, the owner could be a stakeholder as well, but only if he is a shareholder. You could also broaden this to customers and suppliers as well even though they were not mentioned in this case. Since a stakeholder is either an individual or group that is affected by the activities of a business the owner, Brad, wants to make sure his company is making money and that the company is doing well and not…show more content…
The law covers hiring, firing, promotions, job assignments, compensation, or any other condition relating to employment. Jane, who was hired by the company as head of the payroll department witnessed an unethical act that has an effect on her department as well as the other stakeholders in the company. She witnessed her boss, Eddie, who is the general manager of the company giving work tickets to Greg, his brother. These work tickets are for better, quicker jobs that will allow Greg to look better at his job then the other technicians. Jane has already heard Brad complementing Greg on how great of a job he is doing. He is only doing a great job because his brother is helping him out by giving him the best jobs. If Jane goes to Brad and tells him what she has witnessed she feels that she will be fired, because Greg has already warned her to not say anything about this matter. Brad, as owner needs to be aware of what is going on because if the other employees find out he will have even bigger problems. This law would protect Jane so she is not fired if she comes forward to let Brad know what is going on. If found liable for unlawful intentional discrimination in a court of law, the business may be subject to both compensatory and punitive damages decided by
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