Lrta and Mrtc: Solving the Commuter Congestion Dilemma Essay

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LRTA and MRTC: Solving the commuter congestion dilemma Urban traffic is one of the primary hindrances to progress in Metro Manila. It is unimaginable how much of a person’s day is wasted due to this. In 2013 alone, the country lost 876 billion pesos of potential income to traffic congestion, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The social effects arising from this cannot be discounted. From frustrated commuters to missed work deadlines and longer exposures to air and noise pollution, the consequences of poor urban planning are seemingly innumerable. As our population continues to expand, finding the right solution becomes a larger hurdle to overcome. Normally one would turn to the metro’s railway system to lighten the burden, but the system in itself is a bigger problem that the commuters face on a daily basis. Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Manila Metro Rail Transit (MRT) coaches are always congested beyond its intended passenger capacity, and ironically enough, experience heavy traffic even inside the railway system due to human error and the so-called “technical glitches”, as the train operators would phrase it. The Metro Rail Transit Corporation (MRTC), the private entity that maintains the MRT system, recently needed to pull out majority of their trains due to maintenance issues, rendering only 35% of their trains operational on peak hours. This is distressing to people who constantly rely on their system to get through with their day-to-day work. The image below was taken on the North Avenue Station of MRT last year—way before the maintenance took place. Imagine how this would look like at 35% efficiency. This is the scene regular commuters are familiar with, and keeps on getting worse as the stakeholders and our government turn a blind eye to it. While some of the proposed solutions are quite obvious, like the addition of coaches, expansion

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