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Learning Readiness Exercise 1 – Project Management This project management (PM) learning readiness exercise (LRE) was developed and will be assessed by our AMBA 640 / AMBA 640 Hybrid Faculty Assistants: Ryan Ismail, Mona Ahmad, Bryan Berthot, Gina DiMaggio, Cami Fawzy, Najam Hassan, Bob Neumeister, Manny Singh and Richard Wagner. The purpose of this LRE is to assess your current knowledge of aspects of project management and thus to determine who might benefit from extra help during the PM portions of the seminar. It is a required assignment. It is marked only PASS/FAIL, albeit with comments from your FA, and thus does not count toward your seminar GPA. The principal text references for the project management instruction in AMBA 640 / AMBA 640 Hybrid are Schwalbe (2010) as found in our syllabus and PMBOK (2008). See here the Reserved Readings in your section classroom. Assignment Kindly answer the following questions, posting your answers to your assignments folder. Include your name within your file, which per our syllabus, should be in pdf format. 1. Your PM experience: I have only managed two projects. One was to create a training manual and the other was to create a Facebook page for our company. a. b. I have prior experience in project management. Yes I have used PM software. No 2. The Triple Constraint in PM refers to meeting simultaneously the requirements of time, cost and scope. 3. After installing MS-Project (MSP) 2007 or 2010 (trial version found at, full version available via the UMUC-Microsoft Academic Alliance), open the file, “LRE1_MPP_MS_Project_Renovation_Example_MS_2010.mpp”, found in your section FA’s conference: a. b. When is this project expected to end? 6/4/2010 What and when is the second milestone? Receive Final Plan- 4/28/10 c. What are the last two tasks on the project critical path? Accessory

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