Loyalty-Hotel Rwanda Essay

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Lopez-1 Stephanie Professor Kahwaji English 101 9, June 2014 Loyalty People should not hold on to their personal beliefs. In the reading “Left to Tell’ by Ilibagiza a pastor risks his own life to save six girls from being murdered. In the movie, Hotel Rwanda, the manager of the hotel, Paul Rusesabagina protects over a thousand refugees staying at his hotel from the Hutus. Both of these men are similar because neither were obligated to save lives, they did it because that is what they wanted to do. Their conscience led them to do what they believed was right, and put others before themselves. Therefore, when conflicts occur one should always stick to their morals and values regardless of the consequences because having a clean conscience is better than living with guilt. Upholding personal values, even when life is at risk will result in knowing that a life has been saved. In “Left to Tell,” Ilibagiza explains what she went through during the Rwandan genocide between the Tutis and the Hutus. She is a Tutsi along with other girls hiding in a cramped bathroom with no room to move. They were in fear everyday thinking they could be found and then get killed by the Hutus. Pastor Murinzi kept the girls hidden for 91 days in order to save their lives. He did not have to do what he did, but he chooses to put his life in risk in order to save these girls. The pastor shows his loyalty when he is encountered by the Hutus questioning him; “No,no,no,” he said. “I don’t know what you’re talking about- I’m a good Hutu, and I’d never hide Tutsis. There are no Tutsis here... they left Lopez-2 Last night” (18) .His duty as a pastor was to protect others and always do the right thing regardless of the consequences. Although the pastor lied to keep those girls alive his conscience will remain at peace. He stuck to his beliefs to save six girls lives in order to remain loyal

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