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Essay 3 Loyalty After reading Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and Kuazo Ishiguro’s “Remains of the Day” you see many of the same ideas and beliefs displayed in the stories by the different authors. The ones that stood out the most and are over emphasized where regret and loyalty. Two of the main things we see in today’s society. In “King Lear” Shakespeare sets the entire story up behind two different plots, to show the differences between things that are right and wrong. Also how many of the characters decision making affect them in the long run. Compared to life in today’s society greed, selfishness, and disloyalty between friends and family are displayed in the book. Edgar disregards his father in a time of need, and lies about his brother. You even see Goneril and Regan’s actions change when dealing with their father. And one that you never see coming is when King Lear shows disloyal signs and actions with Cordelia after her betrothal. While most of this is going on other characters that play a lesser role are seen having disregard for others that are close to them, all for their selfish pleasures. You can see that the main point that Shakespeare is trying to get across is about loyalty and how it is a must when trying to interact with peers and family in everyday life, because when there is no loyalty that’s when you have people turning their backs on love ones and there cant be any trust. Then you have Steven in Remains of the Day that has so much loyalty to all the people around him he over looks many of the flaws from his ex-master Lord Darlington and makes him think twice about his new master Mr. Farraday. Throughout the book Steven travels to visit old friends of his and Darlington’s to get a better understanding of what dignity really means to increase many of his skills that he think he lacks especially his judgment in character. Many of the good

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