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If congressional leaders took the time to actually study what is happening in the classrooms of America, they would understand the problem is not lack of money, not lack of qualified teachers, and not classroom size. As worried parents, often forced to spend their own money to help their children master basic academic skills, struggle to understand the failure of the nation’s educational system, "restructuring of the classroom" brought about by federal dictated programs such as "block scheduling, group learning, or so-called cooperative learning. In one school, math, science, health, and physical education has been combined in the belief that children can learn all these different subjects by working on a class project. Despite the obvious fact that none of the complex individual skills required can be taught in such a manner, children who can’t keep up are supposed to be helped along by other children in their group. This is an educational policy designed around the lowest common denominator of success and it’s doomed from the start. This "kids helping kids" approach is denounced as "nothing more than a classroom management technique that provides a convenient hiding place for bad teachers and under-achieving students. The student who doesn’t care to learn or has failed to grasp a concept allows the rest of the group to do the work, yet he gets their grade. Students coming out of such classes cannot perform math problems, recite multiplication tables, conjugate a verb or structure a sentence. Schools throughout America are totally dominated by federal programs, imposed and adopted by the States. Children have been turned into commodities to be manipulated so that States can get more federal money. It should be stopped iimidiately. In every community in America, school boards and parents must wrest back control before yet another generation is dumbed down to the

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