Lowering the Drinking Age Essay

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In the United State you are legally considered an adult at the age of 18,which means you can now go to jail,get tried as an adult in court,buy tobacco filled products, join the military to kill people,and legally vote for your country,but why are adults between the age of 18-20 not permitted to have a drink? All of these responsibilities are responsibilities of adults,adults that should have the right to have a drink whenever they want,legally. In order to do so,the Drinking age should be lowered to reflect the adult status of 18-year-olds. If 18 year olds are able to face their consequences they should also have the right to drink whatever they please because depending on the actions a person takes they can control the outcome of the situation. Being 18 means that you can now go to jail or prison because of your actions, you no longer get the easy way out like how it was being under 18. They actually have to watch what they do and make sure that they are not on the bad side with the law. Telling an 18 year old they are responsible for actions but limiting them on what they drink is preposterous because how could you give someone responsibilities if you don’t trust them it’s evident that the law must trust them in some sort of way to let them take responsibility. So I believe that 18 year olds are old enough to drink because they are constantly told what’s right and what’s wrong for them,they are told that your actions will affect your consequences. However,at 18 you are given the right to buy tobacco filled products which if chosen can inhibit your body in a negative way. Lowering the drinking would also get people to maybe even stop drinking because they aren’t doing it as under aged drinking. For some teenagers,they only drink because they

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