Lowell Mill Girls

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The Lowell Mill Girls A. Who were the Lowell Mill Girls, and what did they do? The women who worked in the mill were young, small town women. Their age ranged from 10 years old to middle aged. This work opportunity was something out of the ordinary. These women would be able to help their families by bringing in extra income. The idea that women could work to better their family situations seemed to be a good idea at the time. The mill girls turned raw cotton into cloth using machinery. This was a big business in New England. This was good for the first few years. These women had good wages, good living conditions and moral discipline. They also had a variety of educational opportunities. They attended church, had curfews, and were supervised. They worked thirteen hour days, six days a week. This seems harsh now, but at this period of time, long workdays were not uncommon. Once the industry began to get larger, things changed. In 1840, the Lowell Mill had 32 factories. They were no longer asked to work, but recruited to work. (1) B. What are some of the problems and challenges the Lowell Mill Girls faced? The Lowell Mill Girls, who averaged around the age of 24, were hired with one year contracts. New girls were paired with more experienced women. Although their contract was for one year, a lot of the girls stayed up to four years. At this time, the work conditions were horrible. If you compared our work week at this present time, to the workweek that these women endured, you would be distraught. Each room in the factory had around 80 women working, with two male supervisors. The noise was horrific, as the women worked with the machinery. There was no protection to the ears, eyes, or throat while these women were working. The rooms were hot with no air circulation. The windows needed to be closed to

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