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Daysha Humphrey His 109 Dr. Kempker October 11, 2012 http://faculty.uml.edu/sgallagher/Mill_girls.htm The website that I’m going to discuss is very interesting and made me more interested in the topic. However, the website itself cannot be trusted. There are good facts in this website, but it does not have the sources to support the facts. In all, this website is not reliable. This website is a discussion about young farm girls and women who were called Lowell Mill Girls. All through New England, they were chosen to work in textile factories in Lowell, Massachusetts. This information taught me more about the young girls and women and the problems they had to face during the first half of the 19th century. I’ve learned that the Lowell Mill…show more content…
We discussed how the Lowell Mill Girls were treated very strict when it came to living in the boarding houses. The companies kept strict rules at these houses to ensure virtue of young women. The women rarely had visitors because of the strict rules the boarding houses had made for them to follow. It really makes me want to explore more on what they do in the boarding houses that was fun and entertaining. Furthermore, there are a lot of website links on the website that I can explore to find more detail information about the Lowell Mill Girls. Even though there are interesting facts, the main problems are the author and the date that the page was composed on was not found on the website. In addition, the author did not use his or her sources in a careful and critical way. They did not provide footnotes or endnotes so the reader might know their sources. There are also issues that make me doubt the truthfulness of this website. It has no citations or references, no author, no page number, no date of the website, and no explanation of the source material. Nothing about this site makes it appear to be

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