Low Voter Turnout

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Voter turnout has actually been increasing since the 1996 election, but still only 56.8% of the voting age population went out to cast their voice in the 2008 election. This is the highest percentage of people that voted since the 1968 election and 2008 marks the largest number of people that have voted in the United States history. The thing is that the 56.8% turnout in the United States is nothing compared to that of Italy, for example, where the voter turnout was 83.6% for 2006. The 56.8% turnout of voters in 2008 also means that the winner did not win by the majority of the whole population of the United States. The election could have turnout out different if everyone actually took the time to learn about the issues going on and made a educated vote, but who knows, it could have turned out the same. There are many reasons behind this trend of low voter turnout. Many Americans who choose not to vote believe that who ever is voted for president or for congressman will not care about them as an individual or community. They often feel like the government does not care for them and it has let them down. So these people who believe this don’t care to vote because they basically feel like how ever the election turns out it would not affect them in any way another reason why people choose not to vote is because they feel like their vote will not mean anything and it wont affect the turn out at all due to the fact that there are millions of other people voting. The think about these two reasons is that on average only about 25% of Americans voted in their local elections that would affect them more as an individual. So if Americans cared more about the affect of the elections to the individual wouldn’t you think that there would be a higher turnout percentage for local elections where their votes count more. Another reason Americans use as an excuse not to vote is
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