Lovely Teacher. Essay

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Greetings!!! Wow My Beloved Mam!! is dt really you?? difficult to recognise you out of those four boundaries, in dis real world..kinda makes me doubt dis vision I am having... I would like to say I hd forgotten now it turns out dt I still possess lotsa memories of you..n seeing you here they all came back running and stood before me all refreshed!!..don't ask if I am happy or I am sad more... 2. I still remember the day1 in my 6th class when i first saw you, as you entered to teach us chemistry,that very moment i gazed at you without blinking my eyes for you attracted me in every way- your intelligence, ur voice, your personality,your lovely white nails;)-I used to wish to have one like yours, u didnt use nail poilsh den, ur big bindis ..I always liked your beautiful dresses specially sarees , your image had at once striked me as that of an 'ideal teacher' n there n den i told myself dt every teacher should be like u!! don't knw but during assemblies my eyes used to continuously search for you and would be content only after having seen you. Then it was you only who taught us to make notes by using different coloured pen, dt was really a great discovery for me, n den another day you told one of my classmates how to hold a pen, i so envied dt girl dt time,you taught us a chapter on "Carbon and its Compounds" and taught us how to make short notes of it,how to use abbreviations while taking notes, like using "c" for writing "with" n den u had told us your shorthand story how u had to learn it.. and those times when even after strict instructions by doctor(you had throat problem den, it used to get worse when you had to shout for giving lectures) you still used to take classes, and dat day when we had our annual function you had come wearing a blue jeans, everybody was surprised even the teachers were a little taken aback, and me.. well i was so

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