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Lovely Bones Heaven Raegan Momot Everyone has a different view on what heaven should be like. Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones explains Susie’s heaven as something very unique. Susie’s heaven is something completely different from the traditional “heaven’s gate” image, simply because we have an insider’s description. Susie’s heaven is described as something completely different from what some think of heaven. Most descriptions or views of what traditional heaven would look like are simple. Clouds as our walkways, golden gates as we enter, angels flying around and that guy with the white hair that stands at the podium waiting for your ticket. Oh wait, that’s Jesus. So, in traditional heaven everything is glorious and you have no worries. In Susie’s heaven everything is always changing and she is always so worried about her family, only because she is given the opportunity to watch everyone. Susie’s heaven expands into other people’s heavens. Susie’s heaven consists of her desires and needs like anyone else’s heavenly dream. The unique powers or other abilities to do anything in traditional heaven are completely different from Susie’s heaven. Told by the Bible, you are able to watch your family and guide them in the right direction, fly around, and meet legends like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and Martin Luther King. In Susie’s heaven, if you desire something, it’s all yours. You can be present on earth with whomever you wish. In Susie’s case she lives her life through the ones on earth. This allows her to experience things she never had the chance to do when living. Many people do not believe in heaven, but they do believe that they will one day go to a place as described in heaven. They will meet loved ones once long gone and receive important passages. The only loved one Susie meets in her heaven is her grandfather, and he had already been passed
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